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2017 Version – Deluxe Home Massage Chair with “L” type rail and 6 roller Massage System

Technology and Innovations:
1. Patented Massage System with 6 massage rollers
2. Back heating and footroller massage
3. Zero Gravity System, S Shape, L Shape – L-Type Rail
4. Slide system – the chair can be placed only 8 cm from the wall
5. Intelligent control via LCD remote control

ATLAS – Home Deluxe 3D

Masatto presents the new Atlas massage chair. This revolutionary chair is equipped with the newest massage technologies, at a very convenient price.
The Atlas model takes the personal massage experience to a whole new level and calms down all areas from the neck and shoulders down to the entire back and the lumbar area, including the gluteal muscles. While the footrest provides a soothing reflexotherapy massage, the user will feel how the heel pain is relieved due to the revolutionary fastening and massaging system. Also, the Atlas chair is equipped with the newest Zero Gravity and space saving technology.

New sofisticated design combined with latest generation technology.
The new luxurious appearence of the Atlas chair, together with the complex massage programs, place this chair at the top of the scale among the home and family-oriented chairs. You will be stunned by the benefits which this chair will bring you every day!

Innovations of the Atlas massage chair

Experience the benefits of Zero Gravity. Improve your sleep quality.
Through the synchronization of the backrest, seat, and legrest by a multi-angle changeable module, the massage chair offers the user the best zero gravity massage experience.

Innovation. Zero Gravity is achieved when your body is in the most natural, relaxed and equilibrated position, when your feet are above your body at an angle of approximately 128 degrees. In this position the bodily functions work best. Based on NASA’s Zero Gravity theory and on the fundamental principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Rokol created the most comfortable Zero Gravity massage position. In this comfortable position the roller system provides provides in-depth massage, observing the body’s S-shaped curve. The curved rail matches the human body perfectly, which results in an accurate massage that stimulates the acupoints on the back, relieves fatigue, and helps the users recover their physical and mental fitness.

Immediate benefits. The Zero Gravity function creates a a completely relaxed, natural, and comfortable massage posture, which reduces heart and spine pressure, and increases the blood and oxygen supply to the brain, ultimately improving sleep quality and eliminating fatigue.

The new roller system with an L-shaped rail and 6 massage rollers
The L-shaped roller system is an innovative mechanism providing the largest coverage per movement, being superior to the classic chairs which only provide a 6 roller massage to the back area.
Thus, this chair enables the massage system to work efficiently on the entire back, from the neck and cervical area down to the lumbar area, including the pelvis and the buttocks.

S-shaped rail. Adaptation to the naturla shape of your body
The human body has a natural S-curved shape given by the spinal cord, which is the main target of stress, fatigue and tension, which can lead to pain, numbness and in some cases it can affect the heart rhythm. The Atlas massage chair contains a unique sliding rail, which adapts to the natural S-shape of the body for an excellent experience of a full body massage.

Benefits.The balanced massage rhythm of the chair calms the tired muscles, releases the tension and stabilizes the cardiac rhythm by assisting the flow of oxygen-rich blood through the whole body. The Zero Gravity experience of the Atlas chair promotes well-being, reducing the heart rhythm, reducing stress, calming the mind and body through a unique and rich experience.

Heat up and relax the muscle stress
Because most of the stress is contained in the back muscles, the chair heating function is designed to soothe and prepare the muscles for the massage. The heating modules are designed to slowly heat up and to gradually relieve the tension and pain, while restoring the healthy blood circulation and muscle stiffness.

Deep pressure massage of the spinal cord
Along the spine there is a large number of nerves which keep the tension and lead to stiffness and tiredness. Atlas uses pressure to massage from the cervical spine to the lumbar area with long, powerful and frequent kneads. Just sit back comfortably in the chair and let the high-tech rollers knead your tensions, help your blood circulation and even provide a healthier digestion. Use the Masatto chair for 20 minutes a day and your condition will be much better.

Therapeutic compression massage with air bags. Reduces muscular tension and enhances blood circulation.

Airbag massage is more comfortable – using multi-layer cushions
Using a complex airbag system which simulates the hands of a professional massage therapist, the Atlas offers a delicate air cushion massage for the shoulders, waist, buttocks and feet. Thus, it enhances the blood circulation, relaxes the muscles and eliminates fatigue.

Innovation: the progressive air bags, built of multiple layers, can control the intensity of the massage, applying the Chinese traditional medicine theory in the best way. A multi-layer cushion system is the equivalent of three cushions in the classic system.

The precision and accuracy of the Atlas chair. The Stretching function. The double pulling and stretching function.
Spinal cord correction- NEW!! An advanced air bag system in the upper body area allows for the retraction of the shoulders while pushing the lower body forward at the same time.

These operations are carried out simultaneously, while the main massage roller moves along the spinal cord and the swiveling chair swings the hip from one side to the other. This advanced multifunctional Rokol system offers a high quality correction of the spinal cord and is unique among massage chairs!

Deep pressure massage of the spinal cord
Along the spine there is a large number of nerves which keep the tension and lead to stiffness and tiredness. Atlas uses pressure to massage from the cervical spine to the lumbar area with long, powerful and frequent kneads. Just sit back comfortably in the chair and let the high-tech rollers knead your tensions, help your blood circulation and even provide a healthier digestion. Use the Masatto chair for 20 minutes a day and your condition will be much better.

Air bags in the shoulder area
The air bags which are positioned in the shoulder area have a kneading, rolling and twisting effect and provide strong refreshment, just like a professional massage.

Air bags in the hand and wrist area
Using an easy and a powerful grip alternatively, these cushions offer a wave sensation along the wrist to alleviate the muscular tension and to enhance the circulation, leaving your arms reinvigorated.

Air bags in the lower waist
The deep kneading of these 3-layer air bags imitates the hand moves of a professional massage therapist and stimulates the blood circulation, which will make you feel refreshed and full of energy!

Air bags in the lumbar and gluteal area
The twisting movement provided by the two powerful air bags will offer you a reviving massage, which relieves the tension and soothes the buttocks and the thighs.

Air bag foot massage
Every footrest of the chair contains 12 air bags which massage deeply and powerfully, which helps the blood circulation and revives the feet and provides more healthiness.

Professional sole massage. Intelligent roller system
They say that the sole and the foot are like a second heart to the human body. This is exactly why the Atlas uses the most innovating technology with sole massage rollers. This way it provides an in-depth foot massage, it stimulates the relaxation areas with an excellent effect on health, effectively extending life duration and quality.

Massaging the head of the foot and the sole
Because fatigue, tension and stress usually reside in the foot, the powerful massage of the chair will refresh you. In each foot compartment there are 8 air bags and 6 sole massage rollers. Every air bag ist designed to grip, knead, roll and balance the sole, heel, arch and ankle. While the chair offers a reflexotherapy massage, the user will simultaneously feel an advanced heel massage which helps eliminate pain and plantar fasciitis.

The innovative “Slide” system allows sliding the chair forward to save space. The Atlas chair uses this function and allows for its placement at just 8 cm from the wall, saving space in your home. This way, when you press the start button, the chair automatically moves forward and leans back without touching the wall.

Professionalism and innovations. 30 years of pioneering in the massage chair field
Rokol is part of the Kangtay Group and is the first massage chair company with a history of over 30 years. 30 years ago Rokol produced the first massage chair in Zhaoyuan. Since then Rokol focused on innovating and producing massage systems. It implemented a key national program named Program 863: the traditional chinese medical massage robot. Since 2001, Rokol cooperated with Panasonic, developing the newest massage technologies and today it has a strong strategic partnership with LG Electronics.

Technical Specifications

Product type: Massage Chair
Model: RK7912
Power: 200W/ 100W
Input voltage: AC120V – 60Hz
AC220V – 50/60Hz
AC240V – 50Hz
Material: Synthetic antibacterial leather
Colour: Brown
Safety design: Class I
Accessories included: LCD remote control
User's Manual
Functions: Heating function with carbon fiber
Zero Gravity function – for a complete relaxing experience
L-Shape rail
S-Shape rail
Slide function – for saving space
Full body airbag surrounding massage
Sliding function for legrest and backrest
Auto massage function and manual massage function
Massage speed adjustment
Massage width adjustment
Air intensity adjustment
Stretch function
6 rollers massage system
Massage types: Back massage with 6 rollers system: kneading/tapping/knocking/pressing
Massage with airbags
Foot roller massage
Stretch massage
Whole body massage

4 reviews for ATLAS – HOME DELUXE 3D

  1. :

    We saw the ads on the internet, went ahead and tested in their showroom. Client service is top notch. Had a great time while there. The chair is comfortable and gives a great massage focusing on different parts of the body. It’s like it knows where i need to be massaged. Very satisfied by everything.

  2. :

    Excellent client service, thank you!

  3. :

    My wife and I decided to buy a massage chair for ourselves and we found Masatto Limited. We called and we talked with Emi who was kind enough to make an appointment for us so we can try the chairs. We gave them a deposit and next day was already delivered.
    We couldn’t be happier with our buy.

  4. :

    My sisters and brothers decided to buy a massage chair from Masatto for my father. We leave in Galway so for to come to Dublin is a little fare away. Luckily we talked with Emi on phone and we asked hear which chair she would recommend for my father’s illness.
    We bought the Atlas chair that was delivered 2 days after. Emi came but also 2 lovely gentlemen’s that assembled the chair for us.
    Everybody was very helpful and kind and would recommend them anytime.

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