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BIONWELL – Home & Office BEIGE

The perfect massage chair for your apartment.

Technology and Innovations:
1. Zero Gravity System, S-shape
2. Zero Space – sliding function
3. Body scanning – before using it scans the body, to adjust rollers width for all measures
4. Magnet therapy – for improving peripheral circulation

BionWell – Home & OfficeZeroG

Nowadays, both sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition and environment pollution have a significant contribution to reducing life expectancy and causing countless diseases. Everyday stress affects the vast majority of the population, regardless of background or social context. It has been scientifically proven that massage provides a deep state of relaxation and enhances life quality by removing muscle tension and pain. Massage also helps to combat anxiety, stress and depressive states.

Removing disadvantages such as the high cost of massage sessions and the mostly inflexible schedule of the therapists, as well as their physical limitations, iRest, one of the leading professional massage equipment producer worldwide, proposes a new professional massage experience, in the comfort of your own home.

An innovation in the massage field, the new BionWell massage chair efficiently combines the new technology, the intelligent body scanning system and the modern design, providing a professional experience recommended to the entire family.

The BionWell device is an advanced product from the new generation of professional armchairs with advanced features such as Zero Gravity, Slide (for saving space), magnetic therapy with 8 permanent magnets and, last but not least, the air pump which works continuously to move the 28 air cushions.

Zero Gravity Technology

The Zero Gravity function ensures the most comfortable and balanced position, so that the body weight is evenly distributed on the massage chair surface. By synchronizing the position of the back, seat and legs at an optimal angle of about 128 degrees, it brings the body to a completely relaxed position, stretching the strained muscles and eliminating tension from the lumbar area. This posture helps stimulate the blood circulation, improves sleep quality and favors oxygenation of the brain and tissues.

Zero Space Technology

The Slide function allows automatic sliding of the device for saving space.

S-Shape Massage Technology

S-Shape massage function – The massage track is specially designed to meet the curvature of the spine by making a precise massage. The massage rollers precisely mold to the key points on the back, facilitating the circulation of blood and of prana energy through the energy meridians.

Foot and leg massage

This function uses the air pump that moves the air cushions, for a massage adapted to the size and form of the foot. The massage stimulates the blood circulation and the lymph drainage to provide a feeling of “light legs”. This massage reduces the discomfort created by water retention in the leg area, helps eliminate muscle cramps and is ideal for people who spend many hours working while standing on their feet. With the help of the 8 permanent magnets, the massage experience is completed/enhanced by the magnetic field effect on the body. These magnets generate beneficial microcurrents acting at the cellular level, dynamically enhancing peripheral circulation, with immediate effects on oxygen levels in the tissues. By precisely acting on the key points of the foot sole, the armchair provides a massage similar to one performed by a reflex therapist.

Hand massage function

The device uses 12 air cushions that cover the forearm, including the palm and the fingers, performing a relaxing massage.

Infrared heating function for the back

Provided with a carbon fiber back heating system, the armchair offers a massage improved by the effect of heat on the circulation, with notable effects in relaxing the tense muscles of the back. The metabolism is also stimulated by elimination of toxins through the skin pores.

Stretch function

This stretching function complements the massage, acting particularly on the joints to reduce their stiffness.

Cervical area massage

This function uses special rollers for a complete massage in the neck and shoulder area. The cervical massage reduces tension and stiffness in the neck muscles, helping to recover after a busy day at work.

Bionwell’s footrest can be extended up to 15 cm, so it can adapt to any user height. The massage chair uses predefined and customized programs, adapting to each user’s preferences. It features a body scanning function that adapts the massage to the user weight and height. The predefined massage functions were specially designed by professionals collaborating with specialists in medicine, reflex therapy, kinesiotherapy and therapeutic and recovery massage. The goal was to get an experience as close as possible to the massage made by professional masseuses. The device also has a memory function for custom programs.

Technical Specifications

Product type: Massage Chair
Model: Bionwell Frisco
Input voltage: 220 – 230V
Material: High quality ecological leather fabric
Colour: Beige
Safety design: Class I
Accessories included: LCD remote control
User's Manual
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