The most complex massage chair on the market now in Ireland too. Innovative, last generation technologies.

Technology and Innovations:
1. Patented 4D Massage System with 8 massage rollers
2. Ceramic roller heating and Multilayer massage pillows
3. Zero Gravity System, S Shape, L Shape – L-type Rail
4. Slide system – The chair can be placed only 8 cm from the wall
5. Intelligent Bluetooth Control. Gift – Tablet
6. Bionic scan and BOWEN massage therapy

Luxury and cutting-edge technology come together to give you the ultimate relaxing experience. DOMINUS is made from the finest raw materials and assembled with great attention to detail. Each component is designed, engineered, developed and manufactured to the highest standards to provide unquestionable quality.

Designed and built to bring the most real massage experience into the comfort of your home, this armchair uses the world’s most advanced massage technology. This chair exceeds all expectations regarding what a luxury massage chair can be. Enjoy the luxury of a personalized massage in your own environment, in your own home or office, and relax in your everyday life. DOMINUS combines state-of-the-art technology, antique therapies and special aesthetics.

DOMINUS is the astonishing culmination of over two years of careful development and research by industry-conscious experts. In addition to the great design, DOMINUS offers extraordinary massage possibilities. An oasis of deep relaxation and complete escape.

Efficiency and performance

Dominus is the only massage chair that has 4D massage system. The 4D massage system offers a deeper, more accurate, stronger massage. Based on 3D massage system develops innovative massage 4D technology, performing a full massage roller including the seat and back of neck. The roller system fits perfectly on the curvature of the body, allowing for the adjustment of the massage angle and the massage rail. The 4D massage system is an innovation in the field and is patented with the number: ZL 2014 1 0582363.0

Being implemented on a special L-type rail that adjusts its angle, the 4D machine can deliver intelligent 4-dimensional massage, better meeting the requirements and needs of the human body compared to traditional 3D design. It also solves the problem of classic L-type chairs that do not allow seat massage, except in one position with raised knees. Dominus is the only one that allows the user a complete stretch for a total relaxation and an unforgettable massage experience.

The therapeutic massage by air bag compression reduces muscle tension and improves blood circulation. The holographic system makes the massage more comfortable. Having a complex air bag system that simulates the palms of a professional masseur, Dominus offers a delicate massage with air cushions for shoulders, arms, back, seat, legs and feet. This improves blood circulation, relaxes the muscles and eliminates fatigue.

Innovation: Multi-layered air cushions are the ones that can control the intensity of the massage, thus practicing in the most effective way the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. The air cushion massage uses the cells placed strategically at the shoulders, arms, back, seat, legs and feet. Massage through air pressure is a new way of treatment that uses large air pillows that compress and decompress around the body to powerfully massage to improve blood circulation to stimulate metabolism.

Positioning zero gravity, as described by NASA, places the body in a state of equilibrium in which all the muscles are in a state of complete relaxation. This function ensures that the tension drops by turning to an angle of 128 °, the most ergonomic and correct position. The benefits of this feature include improved blood circulation, relieving back pain and relieving pressure in the shoulders, neck, or back. In the Zero Gravity position, the body experiences the feeling of being impenetrable and has complete contact with the back of the chair to allow the massage routine to take full effect.

12 automatic therapy programs
What makes Dominus special is the unique way in which automatic programs have been designed. Users can choose from 12 complex, varied and intense massage experiences at the touch of a button. You can choose one of these automatic programs according to your daily activities or the state you are currently in. Automatic programs are designed to stimulate the body from the neck, cervical area, back, waist, seat, legs, feet to soles after a hard day of work or whenever stubborn areas of tension and pain appear.

5 manual programs with 9 massage techniques
Dominus offers users unlimited options for customizable massages. The programs are made by 9 manual massage techniques: kneading, pressing, light knocking, rolling, stretching, back rubbing, digital kneading, kneading and punching and stroking to personalize your massage experience with ease and adaptability. In addition, the width, speed and intensity of the roller system can be adjusted according to the user’s height and preference for a new massage every day. The customizable features of the Dominus are sophisticated, diverse and easy to set, giving the user all the control they deserve and the simplicity they want. A very important feature is massage at a fixed point, that is, we can manually stop the massage roll at the desired point to insist on the tensioned area.

Dominus is designed to provide maximum comfort and natural fit between the user, the massage program and the positioning of the airbags and rollers. This therapeutic massage chair is equipped with a SL rack that takes into account the natural curvature of the S column and mimics the professional massage performed by a masseur on the prolonged length of the L stroke from the cervical area to the seat. The SL rail offers the same level of relaxation as the original massage, because when the massage rollers are activated, they fit perfectly on the curvature of the column and allow the massage to take place on a prolonged trajectory.

Dominus is the only 4D massage chair that uses the innovative heated massage roller technology that simulates the warm hands of a professional masseur and Jade rock therapy. The massage rolls have a silicone coating for comfort and a heated ceramic core for an unmatched effect. All other market chairs in this range use old infrared heating technology in pillows. Heat therapy stimulates blood circulation, eliminates fatigue, letting us enjoy a complete relaxation. Dominus has the largest number of rollers for back massage, namely 8 pieces. In addition to the heated rollers, this armchair is also distinguished by the fact that both the back and foot pillows are also heated for complete heat therapy.

Dominus has the most complex manual settings and the most efficient heating system. In addition to roller heating we also have pillow heating, infrared to back and leg. These two functions can be controlled together or separately: Rear heating can be started while the heater is closed or vice versa. Dominus surprises us with something unique, not seen in other professional massage chairs – you can adjust the desired temperature for infrared heating therapy.

Before starting a massage program, Dominus initiates body scanning technology to adapt the massage and width of the rollers to the contours of the user’s body. This allows the chair to target the problem areas and take care to customize each massage program to achieve the desired effects. Developed using advanced massage robotics, this chair adapts to the human body by detecting body shape using an initial body scan to locate the dimensions of the user’s shoulders, arms, hips and calves. Once the scan is completed, Dominus personalizes the massage program with great attention to these details. This feature synchronizes the chair’s air rollers and cushions according to the width and shape of the body to remove cramps and nodules from the muscles in the neck, back and shoulders.

Dominus captures us with a special function, namely the function with negative oxygen ions.
The unique design allows the constant release of negative ions in the head area, thereby achieving a purification of the air. Negative ions stimulate and harmonize most vital processes, benefiting both physical and psychic but also emotional wellbeing.

Benefits of negative ions:
– Negative ions increases the sense of well-being and mental clarity by eliminating the destabilizing effects of excessively positive ions in the environment we live in.
– It has been proven that air ionizers, cleans dust, pollen, animal hair, mould spores and other potential allergens.
– Negative ions can significantly reduce viruses in the air and bacteria in the room
– Improves the function of the respiratory tract, protecting the lungs from irritation and inflammation, which reduces the number of respiratory diseases such as cold and flu, even hay fever and asthma.
– Negative ions have a relaxing effect and have been reported to normalize the respiration rate and lower the tension.
– The performed judgments have shown that negative ions in concentrated amounts can treat as well as seasonal affective disorders as well as frequently prescribed antidepressants.
– Improves energy and concentration levels, normalizes serotonin levels in the brain and positively enhances the appearance and disposition of people.
– Better sleep. And this is due to the effects of negative ions in normalizing serotonin production in the brain.
– Reduce headaches and disease. Union Norwich has installed air ionizers in a computer-assisted work area and other electronic equipment, which has led to a 78% decrease in headache and disease-related illnesses.
– Increase mental concentration and performance. Tests regularly showed that subjects exposed to high levels of negative ions had better performances in mental challenges than those who breathed normal air loaded with positive ions.

Dominus by Masatto offers full relaxation and a break from everyday stress with a therapeutic massage on the pace of music. It has built-in audio system at the top of the chair, which with Bluetooth technology allows music to be played, so the massage rollers will work on its pace. Massage on the rhythm of music helps us to eliminate fatigue and relax our mind and body.
Dominus gives us intelligent control in three ways. Can be controlled with the wireless remote and smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth with the free Android or iOS app. The remote control has a modern, ergonomic design and is easy to use for automatic massage programs and over 100 possible hand massage combinations, and on the arm of the chair we have a quick remote for the main functions.

Dominus by Masatto will surprise you with sophisticated design and attention to detail. The armchair is made of premium quality materials and first-class components. The antibacterial ecological leather is very resistant, with a very smooth and pleasant texture to ensure a comfortable and healthy experience at the same time. On the sides of the chair is an LED lighting system with a multitude of colours. Leaving aside the visual component, this lighting system induces a relaxing state for the evenings spent in the comfort of your home. The design is impressive. Combining intelligent design with sophisticated aesthetics, Dominus will fit in any room and impress every user. Attention to details is a priority for this model. This armchair will be the focus of attention in any room. The innovative “Slide” system lets you slide the chair in front by saving space. Dominus uses this feature, allowing it to be placed just 8cm away from the wall, saving space in your home. At the touch of a button, the chair moves automatically to the front and slides back, without touching the wall. Discover luxury technology in this unique model and experience the superlative!

Product type: Massage Chair
Promo: Visit our showroom and get an extra discount
Power: 240W
Input voltage: AC120V – 60Hz
AC220-240V – 50/60Hz
Dimensions: upright size: 160 x 82 x 127cm
reclined size: 190 x 82 x 92cm
Material: High quality ecological leather fabric
Colour: Beige
Safety design: Class I
Accessories included: 7-inch Tablet
User's Manual
Functions: Heating function: using pioneering heating massage roller technology invented by Panasonic
Zero Gravity function: realizing the best zero gravity massage experience
L-shape rail: provides multi angle massage for back and buttocks
S-shape rail: follows body's natural curve
Sliding forward function
Full body airbag surrounding massage
Sliding function for legrest: legrest can extend and retract automatically
Auto massage function and manual massage function
Width and speed function (only in manual mode)
Massage intensity
Music function
Massage types: Back massage with 8 rollers: kneading/knocking/pressing/tapping/knead&knock/rolling/stretch/finger knead and back rubbing
Massage with airbags
Foot roller massage
Stretch massage
Whole body massage


  1. :

    Excellent chiar, love it! It is a WONDERFUL chair and is a gift for myself. I enjoy it and get a 30 minutes massage everyday, since my back problem seems to be out of control. Superfast delivery!

  2. :

    We are both very happy with our new massage chair which was delivered to our door with no extra cost which is 75k from dublin to our home and spent the time explaining the workings of the chair. We would highly recommend this company and their product, and also very good after sales service which is very important.

  3. :

    We bought a Dominus chair because of my job, a lot of physical work, and we called Emi from Masatto to recommend us a chair. She recommended us to come down to the showroom to try the chairs to be sure we buy the right one for us. We went over budget but it’s worth it.
    I do a massage every morning and after work, it’s unbelievable

  4. :

    I wanted to buy a massage chair for myself because of the job. I found Masatto Limited and I can say that I’m very happy with my purchase. You can try the chairs before you buy which for me was a plus but also they brought it out personally and assembled the chair. Emi was very kind and professional.
    Many thanks Dan.

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