Model 2018 – The only 3D massage chair with 6 heated ceramic rollers.

Technology and Innovations:
1. Patented 3D Massage System with 6 massage rollers
2. Ceramic roller heating system and massage pillows Multilayer
3. Zero Gravity System, S Shape, L Shape – L-type Rail
4. The most complex foot massage
5. Slide System – The chair can be placed only 8 cm from the wall
6. Smart Bluetooth control with smartphone or tablet application

I Warranty: Up to 5 years I Free Shipping I

Polaris Premium Deluxe 3D – Definition of luxury and performance

The Polaris Premium Deluxe 3D Massage Chair brings relaxation to a different level. Featuring a great design and the best class performance, it offers a therapeutic massage that can be customized to suit your lifestyle so that you feel great.

Put in your daily routine the massage offered by this remarkable massage chair, whether you need a relaxing massage after a demanding day of work, a refreshing massage before starting a daily program, if you are getting ready for an intense workout or you recover from a disease, Polaris is the perfect way to bring your body back to a well-deserved balance. This massage chair will surprise you with the complex automated programs and the manual adjustment potential to give you the most customized massage. Polaris is equipped with body scanning technology designed to provide an effective and relaxing massage experience. Intelligent rolls on the soleplate, kneeling in the sides of the calves and rollers in the back of the legs Polaris gives you the most sophisticated massage for the lower limbs. By keeping it in the zero gravity position, the body rests and regenerates, becoming visibly rejuvenated. Polaris’s modern appearance and sophisticated technology guarantee the therapeutic massage experience in the comfort of your home.

The 3D massage system offers a unique massage experience

Polaris Premium Deluxe 3D is a superior chair superior to older models of massage chairs because it uses 3D massaging technology with 6 massage rollers. The Massager’s Polaris massage chair pushes outwards up to a maximum of 7 cm, providing a dynamic and performance massage that removes the tension in the shoulder area and relaxes the back muscles. Thus, a superior, precise and deep massage is performed in the cervical area, neck and shoulder area, but also waist and shoulder area. Through massage sessions you will experience a feeling of unforgettable comfort and relaxation.

Heated massage rolls – Hot hands effect

Polaris is the only 3D-massage massage chair that uses the innovative heated massage roller technology that simulates the warm hands of a professional masseur and Jade rock therapy. The massage rollers have a silicone coating for comfort and a heated ceramic core for an unmatched effect. All the other chairs in this range, available on the market, use old infrared heating technology in pillows. Heat therapy stimulates blood circulation, eliminates fatigue, letting us enjoy a complete relaxation. (Patented site number: ZL 2014 1 0330384.3)

Air Pillow Massage is More Comfortable and More Effective – Multilayer Pillows

Having a complex system that simulates the hands of a professional masseur, Polaris offers an air cushion massage for shoulders, waist, seat and legs. This improves blood circulation, relaxes muscle groups and eliminates fatigue. Revolutionary air cushions built from multiple layers are the ones that can control the intensity of the massage. Practically practicing the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. A multilayer pillow is the equivalent of three classic pillows. So Polaris Premium Deluxe 3D uses 84 air pillows.

3-way 3D Massage System with 6 “SL” sliding slides

Polaris adopts the SL-shaped massage rail so that it is superior to the classic massage chairs that allow the roller massage just for the back area. This massage chair allows the 3D massage system to work well in the lumbar area, pool area, buttocks and the seat. The SL-shaped track mechanism allows for a deep massage according to the shape of the column. The curved track perfectly synchronizes with the shape of the human body and favours a precise massage stimulating the important points of the back, eliminating fatigue and improving physical and mental state.

Zero Gravity Function. The most ergonomic massage position

Synchronizing your back, seat and legs with the multi-angle module, Polaris offers a unique massage experience in the zero gravity position. Zero Gravity takes place when the body is in the most natural, relaxed and balanced position when the feet are above the body at an angle of 128 degrees. The Zero Gravity function creates complete relaxation through a natural and comfortable position, reducing pressure on the heart and the column. This favours oxygenation of the brain, eliminates fatigue and improves the quality of sleep. Based on the theory of zero gravity developed by NASA on TCM theory, the most comfortable Zero Gravity massage position was created. The “Slide” system allows the chair to slide forward, saving space for use. Polaris uses this feature and allows it to be placed just 8cm away from the wall, saving space in your home. So when we press the start button, the massage chair automatically moves forward and is left on the back, leaving no wall.

Scanning the user

Before starting a massage program, Polaris initiates the body scanning process to adapt the massage, the width of the rollers to the contours of the user’s body. This allows the seat to target the problem areas and take care to customize each massage program to achieve the desired effects. Developed using advanced massage robotics, this chair adapts to the human body by detecting body shape, using an initial body scan to locate the dimensions of the user’s shoulders, arms, hips, and calves. Once the scan is completed, Polaris personalizes the massage program with careful attention to these details. To remove cramps and nodules from the muscles of the neck, back and shoulders. This feature allows the synchronization of air rollers and seat cushions according to the anatomical shape of each user.

Stretching and its benefits

The benefits of stretching include improving flexibility, joint and muscle mobility, reducing muscle pain and fluidizing body movements. Stretching also prevents problems in the lumbar region, corrects body posture and, by all of the above, improves the quality of life. By activating the stretching function at Polaris by Masatto, all the components of the chair work as a whole for a guaranteed effect.Combining your preferred training program with stretching sessions improves mobility, cardiac activity and blood circulation, contributing to effective oxygenation of tissues.

The most comprehensive foot massage system.

It is said that the sole of the foot is like a second heart for the human body. That’s why Polaris focuses on foot massage and adopts the most innovative technology. Foot massage is performed with 3 groups of rollers divided into single parts. Gambles are massaged in three directions: we have rollers in the back, we have knees (optional) and inside we have massage with air pillows. Thus, Polaris provides a profound massage at the calves, stimulates tense areas with an excellent health effect, effectively prolonging the duration and quality of life.

Therapeutic massage on the rhythm of music. Full relaxation and release from everyday stress

Polaris has a built-in audio system at the top of the chair, which allows Bluetooth to play music, so the massage rolls will work on its pace. Massage on the rhythm of music helps us to eliminate fatigue and relax our mind and body.

Smart control in three ways

Polaris can be controlled with the LCD remote control and smartphone or Bluetooth tablet with the Android or iOS app. The remote has a modern, ergonomic and easy-to-use design for automatic massage programs and over 100 manual massage combinations.

Sophisticated design, attention to detail. Quality materials and first class components

Antibacterial ecological skin is very resistant, with a very smooth and pleasant surface, thus guaranteeing a comfortable and healthy experience at the same time. Leaving aside the visual component, this lighting system induces a relaxing state for the evenings spent in the comfort of your home. The design is impressive. Combining intelligent design with sophisticated aesthetics, Polaris will fit in any room and impress every user. Attention to details is a priority for this model. You will be surprised by the luxury finishes combined with the practical sense.

Specificații tehnice

Characteristics Details
Product type Massage devices
Massage chair
Power (W) 200
Features Massage System 3D with 6 massage rollers
Thermal heating function directly through ceramic core rollers
Zero Gravity function for total relaxation
"L" massage rail – the rollers go down and under the buttock massage
The "S" type massage rail takes the form of the spine
"Slide" function – the massage chair can be seated near the wall
Massage function with full body air cushions
Reflexology – 3D massage with roller / scarifying system
Electric sliding function for feet and backrest
Automatic functions with therapeutic programs
Manual functions with fine adjustment of the massage
Adjusting the intensity and speed of massage rollers: 3 steps
Adjusting Massage Cushion Strength: 3 steps
Stretch function – stretch function and double drag
Massage type Full body massage
3D massage with 6-roller silicone back: kneading, touching, beating, pressing
Massage with air pillows
Foot roller massage
Stretch massage
Programs Recovery Program. Recovery massage
Pain Relief Program. Massage for back pain
Stretch program. Massage with stretch and double pull
Music Sync. Synchronize massage to music
Program Experience
Manual Programs: Kneading, Tapping, Knocking, Knead & Tap, Shiatsu
Included accessories LCD ergonomic remote control
User manual
Colour White-Brown
Other Material: Antibacterial ecological leather
Security: Class I


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