Model 2018 – Massage chair with 3D technology, SL rail and innovative technology for complete leg massage.

Technology and Innovation:
1. Patented 3D roller massage system for the back
2. Zero Gravity System, S Shape, L Type
3. Heating system for back, seat, arms and legs
4. Bluetooth speakers incorporated
5. High performing rolls for foot soles and calf massage
6. The only armchair with knee massage function

Warranty Up to 5 years I Free Shipping I

SIRIUS – by Masatto

The new massage sensation, the Sirius model will delight all your senses! Sirius combines classic massage techniques with a customization feature, allowing the user to fully adjust the time, speed and intensity of the 10 automatic programs, or manually adjust the settings to suit their individual needs. Sirius has a great design, takes up little space and offers a complex massage in the zero gravity position. This armchair fits perfectly around the body, scans the user and adjusts the massage according to its height. With the Sirius massage chair, the complete relaxation of the body can be achieved in the zero gravity position, the ideal position also from the therapeutic point of view. The state-of-the-art technology is accompanied by a Bluetooth-controlled sound system for a truly relaxing massage. To meet your needs, this massage robot can be programed via the remote control or, for a more sophisticated setting, through an app on your smart phone.

Sirius is designed to offer you exactly what you deserve – moments of calm and relaxation, health and well-being. Dedicated to comfort and relaxation, the Sirius massage chair is a natural stimulator of energy. A good massage can do wonders for relieving back pain and relieving tension. Everyone is welcome to explore the new world of therapeutic massage.

Performance SL rail

Sirius is designed to provide maximum comfort and natural fit between the user, the massage program and the positioning of the airbags and rollers. This therapeutic massage chair is equipped with a SL rail that considers the natural S-shaped curvature of the column and imitates the professional massage performed by a masseur on the prolonged length of the L-shaped rail from the cervical area to the seat. The SL rails offer the same level of relaxation as the original massage, because when the massage rollers are activated, they fit perfectly on the curvature of the column and allow the massage to take place on a prolonged trajectory.

Zero Gravity Position

Positioning in zero gravity, as described by NASA, places the body in a state of equilibrium in which all the muscles are in a state of complete relaxation. This function ensures that the gravitational stress is reduced by turning to an angle of 128°, the most ergonomic and correct position. The benefits of this feature include improved blood circulation, relieving back pain and relieving pressure in the shoulders, neck, or spine. In the Zero Gravity position, the body experiences the feeling of impenetrability and has complete contact with the back of the chair to allow the massage routine to have a full effect.

8 + 2 different automatic programs

The happy user of the Sirius premium massage chair can choose from 10 complex, varied and intense massage experiences by simply selecting from the remote control or from the smartphone or tablet application. You can choose one of these automatic programs according to your day-to-day activities or the state you currently have. Automatic programs are designed to stimulate the body at the neck, cervical area, back, girdle, seat, calves, legs, soles after a hard day of work or whenever stubborn areas of tension and pain occur.
Massage programs vary in style, intensity and desired effect. Among the 10 automatic massage programs, Sirius offers a special way for ladies and gentlemen. Diversified programs are perfect for treating the different pains and tensions that occur daily depending on the user’s condition. During the development of the new Sirius armchair, the research group decided to pay special attention to the physical differences between women and men. Ladies and Gentleman modes are designed to provide complete body relaxation for men and women, taking into account the nodes, tensions and pains specific to gender physiology.

Manual mode and massage at a fixed point

To be able to operate with amazing accuracy, Sirius can also be operated manually, i.e. the user can choose between kneading techniques, dual massage, shiatsu, but also select the massaging of a fixed point or a partial area to obtain relief desired. Going forward, users can change the heat, intensity, and width settings to respond to specific and persistent pain. With manual options, you can control the width between the rollers, the seat pitch, the position of the rollers, the speed of the massage rollers and the position of the body. Manual mode gives the user complete control over the relaxation experience.

Revolutionary technique – dual calves / knee massage

The adjustable leg rest gives you the option of massaged massage along the calves, or if you choose to lift the legs from the legs you can enjoy a delicate, refreshing massage around your knees. This unique feature gives you the freedom to remove certain voltage points stored using a kneading massage technique throughout your legs and knees.

Full massage with air bags and heating function

Sirius is one of the most complex massage chairs in the world. Sophisticated 3D massage on the SL rail is perfectly complemented by air cushion massage and heating function on all areas of the body.

Heating function:

Heat can be applied to produce a circulatory effect, improving the body’s response to deep massage to restore the balance of the tired body. The healing therapy reaches its heights through this armchair, given the large number of areas where it can be activated: arms, back, seat, legs. With a single button, the heating function is activated along the spine, sitting, hands and labia, favouring blood circulation and a deep relaxation.

Full air cushion system:

Air Pillow Massage uses strategically placed cells on shoulders, arms, legs and legs to gently caress the body through rhythmic patterns. Pressure massage is a new treatment method that uses large air pillows that compress and decompresses around the body to massage skin and muscles with natural pressure to increase blood circulation to reduce swelling of the lower limbs and to stimulate metabolism.

Scanning the user

Before starting a massage program, Sirius initiates body scanning technology to adapt the massage and width of the rollers to the contours of the body of the user. This allows the chair to target the problem areas and customize each massage program to achieve the desired effects. Developed using advanced massage robotics, this chair adapts to the human body by detecting body shape, using an initial body scan to locate the dimensions of the user’s shoulders, arms, hips, and calves. After the scan is completed, Sirius personalizes the massage program with a careful attention to these details. This feature synchronizes the chair’s rollers and airbags to the width and shape of the body to eliminate cramps and nodules from the neck, shoulder and back.

Sophisticated design, attention to details

The first word that comes to your mind when you see the new Sirius model is: SOFISTICATION. It’s made of special, elastic, anti-bacterial and long-lasting synthetic leather for a deep relaxation experience. Combining intelligent design with sophisticated aesthetics, Sirius will fit in any room and impress every user. Attention to details is a priority for this model. You’ll be surprised by the luxury finishes such as the premium back cushions and the seat or back cover dressed in the leather.

Technical specifications

Product type: Massage Chair
Power: 230W
Input voltage: 50/60Hz
Material: Organic, elastic, antibacterial leather
Colours White and brown
Safety design: Class I
Accessories included: LCD remote control
User's Manual
Weight: 105kg
Dimmensions (mm): 1140(L) x 840(W) x 1270(H)


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