Model: 2019 – Massage chair – home robot with 6 massage rollers, Zero Gravity and roller massage on the soles.

Technology and Innovation:
1. Patented massage system with 6 massage rollers
2. Heater for back and buttocks
3. Zero Gravity system, S Shape, and roller massage on the soles
4. Slide system – the massage chair can be placed only 8 cm from the wall
5. Intelligent control via LCD remote control

Warranty Up to 5 years I Free Shipping I

ZETA by Masatto – HOME & OFFICE ZERO (Model 2019)

Masatto introduces the new ZETA. This revolutionary massage chair is equipped with the latest massage technology at an extremely convenient price.

The massage system offers a unique massage experience. ZETA is a superior massage chair for families, it uses a 2D massage technology with 6 massage rollers and an “S” type rail system that fits perfectly onto the curvature of the spine. Thus, a full roll massage is performed on the entire body surface, from the neck, cervical area, shoulders, and arms to the back, waist, and seat area. Through massage sessions you will experience a feeling of unforgettable comfort and relaxation.

Sophisticated design combined with state-of-the-art technology. The massage chair is part of the massage-robot massage chair that offers added comfort for daily use but also long-term reliability.

The 6-roller silicone back-to-back technology along with the soother’s massage rollers and complex massage programs puts this chair in the top hierarchy of dedicated home and family chairs. You will be excited about the benefits this massage chair offers every day! Also, the ZETA massage chair is equipped with the latest Zero Gravity technology and space saving (can be seated on a wall palm).

Innovations brought by the ZETA massage chair

Experimentați beneficiile Zero Gravity. Îmbunătățiți-vă calitatea somnului.
Experience the benefits of Zero Gravity. Improve your sleep quality.
Synchronizing your back, seat and legs with the multi-function module, the ZETA massage chair offers a unique massage experience in the zero gravity position. Innovation. Zero Gravity is done when your body is in the most natural, relaxed and balanced position when the feet are above the body at an angle of about 128 degrees. At this point, body functions have optimal values. Based on the theory of zero gravity developed by NASA and TCM theory, the manufacturer created the most comfortable Zero Gravity massage position. In this comfortable position, the roller system performs an in-depth massage according to the S-shape of the human body. The curved track perfectly synchronizes with the shape of the human body and favors a precise massage, stimulating the important points of the back, buttocks and thigh area. Thus, this system eliminates fatigue and helps physical and, implicitly, mental recovery.

Immediate benefits. The Zero Gravity function creates a complete relaxation by a natural and comfortable position, reducing pressure on the heart and the spine, favors oxygenation of the brain, eliminates fatigue and improves the quality of sleep.

Body scanning. Patented system with 6 massage rollers and “S”

Traditionally, massage chairs have been designed to move in a 4-reel linear motion. The ZETA massage chair has a 6-roller system on an “S” -shaped, so the massage arms give the back a more precise massage. The curved track system allows the rollers to concentrate on the neck, shoulders and lumbar region with greater accuracy, reaching all important areas.
Automatic scanning. Equipped with the latest scanning technology, the massage chair allows the rollers to follow their backs with precision, and regardless of the body type, this massage chair sucks perfectly on each user.

Benefits. The balance of massage of the chair, calms the tired muscles, releases the tension and stabilizes the heart rate by assisting the transmission of rich blood with oxygen throughout the body. The Zero Gravity experience of ZETA chairmanship promotes well-being, reducing heart rate, reducing stress and relaxing the mind and body through a unique and rich experience.

Full air cushion system:

Air Pillow Massage uses cells strategically placed on shoulders, arms, legs and legs to gently caress the body through rhythmic patterns. Pressure massage is a new treatment method that uses large air pillows that compress and decompresses around the body to massage skin and muscles with natural pressure to increase blood circulation to reduce swelling of the lower limbs and to stimulate metabolism.

Masaj terapeutic prin compresie, cu perne de aer. Reduce tensiunea musculară și îmbunătățește circulația sângelui.

Tehnologie de masaj cu perne de aer de ultimă generație. Fotoliul a fost reproiectat și folosește noua generație a tehnologiei de masaj cu perne de aer. Prin ingineria inovatoare, producătorul a redus numărul total de perne de aer, dar a crescut volumul și suprafața zonei de masaj. Procedând în acest fel, numărul total de supape de lucru s-a redus drastic față de modelele anterioare, ceea ce crește fiabilitatea fotoliului făcându-l unul dintre cele mai robuste produse de pe piață, din punct de vedere mecanic.

The precision and accuracy of the ZETA chair. Stretching function. Double drag and stretch function.

Lower air cushions. Deep thawing of these 3-layer air cushions imitates the movement of the hands of a professional masseuse and has the effect of stimulating blood circulation that makes you feel refreshed and full of energy! Air cushions for lumbar and fissure. The twisting movement offered by the two powerful air pillows will give you a refreshing massage that releases tension and thaws the thigh and thighs. Massage with leg air cushions. The foot massage system combines air cushions with soles rolls, providing a deep and powerful massage that helps circulate the blood and gives the feet a revitalization and a plus of health.

Heat and reduce muscle tension.

Because most stress is trapped in the back muscles, the chair heating function is designed to soothe and prepare the massage muscles. Heating modules are designed to warm up slightly and gradually eliminate tension and pain, while restoring healthy circulation and muscle stiffness.

Massage with deep pressure on the spine

Along the spine there is a large number of nerves that hold tension and lead to stiffness and fatigue. ZETA massages pressure from the cervical spine to the lumbar region through long, intense and frequent knees. Stay comfortable in your chair and allow high technology rollers to remove muscle tension, improve your blood circulation and even encourage a healthier digestion. Give your Zeta chair 20 minutes a day and your condition will improve.

Professional massage for soles. Intelligent Roller System. It is said that the sole and foot of the foot are like a second heart for the human body. ZETA is the only dedicated home massage chair that adopts roller massage technology on the sole. Thus, the massage chair provides a deep foot massage, stimulates the relaxation areas with an excellent effect on health, effectively extending the duration and quality of life.
Automatic scanning. Equipped with the latest scanning technology, the massage chair allows the rollers to follow their backs with precision, and regardless of the body type, this massage chair sucks perfectly on each user.
Benefits of foot and soles massage. Because fatigue, tension and stress are usually in the leg, the powerful massage of the massage chair will refresh you. In each leg compartment there are air cushions and massage rollers for soles. Each air cushion is designed to tighten, knead, run and swing the sole, heel, leg arc and ankle. While the reels offer a reflexotherapy massage, the user will simultaneously feel a heel massage, which helps to eliminate pain and treat planting fascia.

The innovative “Slide” system allows the chair to slide forward, saving space for use.
The Zeta massage chair uses this function and allows it to be placed just 8cm away, saving space in your home. Thus, when you press the start button, the massage chair moves forward and leaves behind without touching the wall.

Technical specifications

Features Details
Product type Massage devices
Massage chair
Power (W) 200
Functions Patented system with 6-reel massage rollers
Thermal heater function for back and seat
Zero Gravity function for total relaxation
"S" type massage rail – takes the shape of the spine
"Slide" function – the massage chair can be seated near the wall
Massage function with air cushions
Reflexology – roller massage on the sole/ 3 levels of intensity
Electric sliding function for feet and backrest
Automatic massage functions
Manual functions with fine adjustment of the massage
Adjusting the intensity of the massage: 4 steps
Speed adjustment for massage rollers: 4 steps
Adjusting the massage cushion intensity: 4 steps
Stretch function – stretch function and double drag
Massage type Full body massage
6-roll silicone back massage: kneading, tapping, beating, pressing
Massage with air pillows
Foot roller massage
Programs Recovery Programs, Pain Relief, Comfort, Stretch, Overall, Massage, Relaxing,Quick Relaxation
Manual Programs: Kneading, Tapping, Knocking, Pressing, Zero Gravity, Shiatsu
Included accessories Ergonomic remote control with LCD screen
User manual in English
Color Brown and Beige Cream
Other Fine-tuned manual programs: 96 massage combinations
Material: Antibacterial ecological leather
Cleaning and maintenance: wipe with a slightly moistened cloth


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