Warranty and Services


How long is the chair warranty?

Masatto Limited brings the most well-known massage chairs to Ireland. These chairs are being sold in the large markets of America, Australia, Europe, Russia and the Orient. Except for the quality and the complexity of the massage functions, we focused only on those brands whose products stand out through increased reliability and material quality.

The massage chairs sold by Massato have an average lifetime of 7-10 years.

As a massage chair dealer in Ireland, Masatto is offering premium warranty, technical support and spare parts for up to 10 years.

We have dedicated persons for support, maintenance, warranty and home service.

5 years of warranty services

You can choose the Standard 2-year warranty or extend it for up to 5 years. Our warranty services cover any technical issue occurring in the armchair. Throughout the warranty period, Masatto will fully cover the parts and reparations costs.

For inquiries please contact us at: office@masatto.com

Whether it’s the cheapest or the most expensive product, for the warranty period you get the same conditions for finding, maintaining or repairing the product.

Post-warranty services included: 5 years

If you encounter difficulties using the product or if the product is not working after the warranty period, you can contact us to help fix the situation.
Contact: service@masatto.com

Spare parts
We have in stock parts and accessories for chairs from the Masatto Limited range.

For every repair or intervention, we use new parts available in stock. If a part is not available, we have access to parts from our European partners or we order directly from the producer via air mail.